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Historic Donaldsonville

You are currently nestled right in the heart of Plantation Country and directly between our capital city of Baton Rouge and Louisiana’s legendary and New Orleans. In a city full of rich and diverse heritage you will find much to love and perhaps your new home away from home.

In 1699, Pierre Le Moyne Sieur de Iberville discovered this inimitable area. Donaldsonville is named for William Donaldson, a wealthy Englishman, who acquired the territory in 1806.

Le Ville de Donaldson was named the state capital of Louisiana in 1830, a title it would hold proudly for one year.

Donaldsonville has played an important role during the Civil War. A star-shaped fort was built at the intersection of the Mississippi River and Bayou Lafourche and was named Fort Butler. The significance of the Battle of Fort Butler was that it was the only battle won by the Union forces that was led by African-American slaves of the Louisiana Native Guards.

After the war, Donaldsonville quickly recovered and soon entered into a period of economic growth. Citizens of Donaldsonville have struggled to be where they are today but still treasure its historical ancestry and make daily efforts to preserve it.

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